Babou can be described as boldly unconventional and cheerful. Never having cared much about social conventions, she is suddenly faced with the realization that her own daughter is ashamed of her and therefore refuses to invite her to her wedding. Babou’s pride is hurt, and she tries to regain her daughter’s respect by starting over. She accepts the challenge of selling her timeshare at the Belgian seaside during the o-season in a desperate attempt to prove her real worth as a mother…

Good to know

  • Premiered at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival.
  • It isn’t the first time that Lolita Chammah plays with her mom. It was already the case in ‘Une Affaire de femmes’, by Claude Chabrol, when she was only four years old.
  • It is from his medium-length footage ’bonbon au poivre’ (2005) that Marc Fitoussi, the director, thought about this scenario. 
  • Marc Fitoussi, only could imagine Isabelle Huppert as main role of this movie while he was writing the scenario. Good thing she accepted the role right?