In development / In production

The Street Party

In an attempt to reunite his parents, young Mogens and his extraordinary friends organise the biggest street party ever. But what he doesn’t know yet, is that behind the front […]

In Blue

When a powerful stewardess should help to bear a child during a flight, she starts to get out of balance. In the emotional aftermath, she meets a boy who lives […]

International releases

The Rider

After suffering a near fatal rodeo injury, a young cowboy undertakes a search for new identity and what it means to be a man in the heartland of America.


Mie, a young woman with amnesia who is locked up in a secure psychiatric hospital. She is visited by Detective Inspector Wolkers who claims she was the last person seen […]

Mr. Nobody

A young boy is standing on a station platform. The train is about to leave. Should he go with his mother or remain with his father? Many lives rest on […]

The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Minnie Goetze is a 15-year-old aspiring comic-book artist, coming of age in the haze of the 1970s in San Francisco. Insatiably curious about the world around her, Minnie is a […]


NYMPHOMANIAC is the wild and poetic story of a woman’s erotic journey from birth to the age of 50 as told by the main character, the self-diagnosed nymphomaniac, Joe.

The Brand New Testament

God exists. He lives in Brussels. He’s a bastard. He’s horrible to his wife and daughter. We’ve heard a lot about his son, but very little about his daughter. I’m […]

The Spiral

Notorious street artist Arturo is already world renowned for his politically charged art stunts, but in THE SPIRAL he has devised his most ambitious work yet. With the help of […]

My Queen Karo

Ten-year-old Karo grows up with her parents in an Amsterdam commune in the early Seventies. She leads a carefree existence in this utopia-for-adults. The mandate says that everything is to […]


Clan draws you into the lives of the Goethals sisters – tied together by the premature death of their parents, they’ve clung to each other like a real clan. But […]


Babou can be described as boldly unconventional and cheerful. Never having cared much about social conventions, she is suddenly faced with the realization that her own daughter is ashamed of […]

Love is the word

Love is the word is a moving, romantic and funny coming-of-age drama about the magic of first love and the misery of first lost, set in 1978: the year ‘Grease’ […]