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We would love to hear more about your original and creative project that brought you here today. If it has significant European elements and room for a Belgian cast and crew, and if you are looking for the last element to bring it all together, please know that we can make it happen. We are always up to read your synopsis, script or treatment, discuss your financing plan, budget, key people attached, timing, etc. and will do our best to turn your dreams into reality.

If you are wondering how we can help you do this, here are just some of the many existing reasons:

Creative and productional excellence and assistance

Caviar is firstly a producer who will aim to understand your production issues and will make them become its priority, so they will no longer be yours. Finding solutions are perceived by us as a challenge, to be taken both creatively and from a production point of view. Thanks to years of experience in different genres and having worked in many production environments, we know the ropes.

International connections

Caviar is an international company. Through our international network of offices, we can easily help you maximise your projects package in terms of financing, casting, location selection, etc. The LA office can assist you in your search for talent and access to talent agencies or financiers, our UK office in casting, crewing and additional financing. In the Brussels office we listen to your needs, get the ball rolling and coordinate.

Experienced financier

Caviar Film Financing (CFF) is our dedicated department to help you finalise the financing of your project. CFF will tailor a finance plan suited to your needs and will bring all the pieces of the puzzle together. By combining the different Belgian funding systems (such as tax shelter, regional subsidies, etc.) CFF could raise financing for as much as 66% of qualifying Belgian expenditures. We work with a close-knit group of private Belgian investors who have a genuine passion for the seventh art. Up until now we have financed over 40 projects through Caviar Film Financing.

You must also know that Caviar is well-connected to all the Belgian regional and economical support funds, such as the Flemish Audiovisual Fund, Screen Flanders, Screen Brussels, Wallimage, European Media, etc.
Also, by activating its international network, CFF can help you in finding additional financing worldwide, through its equity partners, sales agents or international distributors.

Access to top-tier talent

We are specialised in discovering new talents, nurturing them and bringing them to world-class level. We are passionate about finding the most talented Directors, actors, cinematographers, VFX-wizards, animators, sounds designers, even runners,… We will locate the finest people in the industry and can make them available for you.

Personal touch and long-term approach

Working with Caviar is not a one-off. We consider building long-term relationships with our partners and co-producers. We stand for swift and professional follow-up, personalised, no-nonsense communication, and high-quality service and delivery. Katrien and Robin are pleased to be your first and continued point of contact, and will put you and your project on the right Caviar track.

We are looking for

We are looking for:

  • Now that you know more about Caviar, we think it is time you let us know about the creative and original project that brought you here today. We are looking for projects with significant European elements and room for a Belgian cast and crew.

Please provide us:

  • In order to help us do our very best, please provide us with your synopsis, script or treatment, financing plan, budget, key people attached, timing, etc. and will do our best to turn your dreams into reality.