Caviar is an award-winning entertainment company founded in Belgium in 2006. Since then Caviar has been growing. From the beginning, we found a balance between producing commercials, feature film, documentaries and television series. On top of that, Caviar has its own post-production department, a digital agency and a fully integrated financing department. We have also extended our global scope and have offices in various places across the world, such as Brussels, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Madrid.

This full-service approach, embedded in a global structure, enables our talent to develop constantly and guarantees our trademark priority: top-quality content for Caviar’s clients and audiences. From music videos for Justin Timberlake and Stromae, to Super Bowl commercials for Bud, Persil and Pizza Hut: we always ensure to surprise and intrigue whoever is behind the screen.

Discover below, a small selection of our films and television series:

Finally, Caviar has developed into a trustworthy and experienced co-producer. Working with some of the most celebrated international talent and production companies, Caviar is rapidly becoming a vested partner for high quality international projects. Below, you may find some of our co-productions:

Take a look at some images of our own productions, co-productions, music videos, commercials, etc. Basically, everything for what Caviar is known for.

Feature Film - Mr Nobody (own production)

Feature Film - The Brand New Testament (co-production)

Feature Film - Nymphomaniac (co-production)

Feature Film - The Diary of a Teenage Girl (own production)

Commercial - Ikea (own production)

Music Video - Katy Perry (own production)