From Belgium to Europe

Belgium is situated in the very heart of Europe and is gifted with a talented and multilingual cast and crew. Our small country continuously aims to teem up with producers who have plenty of experience in setting up international co-productions. By the way, did you know that Grace of Monaco and the Oscar-winning film ‘The Artist’ were shot in Belgium?

Besides our crew and producers, we are known to work with high-quality equipment, and we are a little obsessed about having excellent post-production facilities. And the good news is, we’d be happy to share it with you!


Belgium has a wide range of financing possibilties (Tax Shelter, economical funds, cultural funds) that can lead to a financing of up to 66% of your Belgian Spend. Just pick up the phone and give us a call, it’s as simple as that. We will be happy to consider your ideas in order to evaluate the various financing possibilities.

Facts and figures:
  • Three separate regions providing combinable soft funding 
  • Soft funding up to 500.000€ 
  • 178 Million Euros of Tax Shelter financing raised and invested in audiovisual productions in 2015
  • Tax Shelter as an up-front cash financing system readily available for productions

Screen Brussel


Screen Flanders

Cast & Crew

Caviar was firstly born in Belgium, and is lucky to work with many talented people from across the country. Some of our Belgian talents have grown from national to international, just like Caviar has. Even though we are proud to see their success grow abroad, we know they are always around the corner, keeping Belgium in their heart.

Jared Leto and Diane Kruger, in 'Mr. Nobody', directed by the Belgian director Jaco Van Dormael

Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaerts, in 'Rust and bone', with Marion Cotillard

Belgian directors Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah on the set of our movie 'Black', now shooting in L.A

'House of Cards', two final episodes, directed by Belgian director Jakob Verbruggen

Music from Belgians Scala & Kolacny Brothers, in 'The social network'

Belgian editor, Nico Leunen, who edited 'the Broken Circle Breakdown'


Belgium is known for its wide variety of historical and contemporary locations, both urban and rural (Tim Burton’s ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’, was shot right outside of Antwerp). Due to its location in the center of Europe, Belgium can also give you easy access to cities abroad, such as Amsterdam, Berlin, London and Paris, that are only a few hours away. By shooting in Belgium, you can be sure to have a wide variety of surroundings and sceneries. Weather you are willing to film at the coast, in nature, in forests, near castles, near rivers, or in charming cities, you will be intrigued by how much this jewel of Europe has to offer! Did you know that Belgium also hides 12 world heritage UNESCO sites? So small, yet so diverse, that’s how our beloved Belgium is “scene”.

Dinant, a mix between high cliffs and the Meuse river

Hallerbos, the 'blue forest'

Bruges, our beautiful romantic city on the water (Did you know that the movie 'in Bruges' was filmed here?)

The Belgian coast

Antwerp, the Central Train Station

Various ancient castles in Belgium


We love to take advantage of the size of our country and of the proximity between our studios, to find the one that suits your desires most, weather you are searching for different sizes, water tanks, precise heights, etc. Belgium constantly adapts to the latest technologies existing, in order to meet your creative challenges, and provide you with a wide range of possibilities. Check out one of Europe’s biggest water tank stages, located in Belgium!

AED Studios

AED Studios, Water tank

Prison Studio in Ghent

Gateway to the rest of Europe

Having offices in six different cities across Europe enables us to benefit of fresh ideas daily. We tend to work in synchronicity with our neighbour colleagues, to be as advantageous and effective as possible. All these beautiful places each have their own cast and crew, but we’re really just one big Caviar family, ready to discover your ideas, wherever you are coming from, because we believe that that is what inter-culturality is all about. Transforming dreams into reality is our common goal since Caviar’s creation. Just pop into one of our offices and see for yourself!

Caviar London

Caviar Amsterdam

Caviar Paris

Caviar Brussels

Caviar Madrid

Caviar L.A